At the John Openshaw Society, we welcome individuals from all walks of life. Whether you are an aspiring student or well-known Sherlockian, all are welcome to attend our meetings and partake in the festivities. Society membership is not required for participation in Society activities, and the only costs to attendees are those inherent to each particular outing: food and drink at meetings (not required, individual discretion), and tickets or venue entry fees for shows, plays, and other outings (and we usually get group discounts for such excursions).
However, the JOS does have a few expenses, particularly this website, and the costs associated with occasionally bringing in renowned speakers. As such, and with the natural goal of encouraging Society camaraderie, we offer four types of membership: Student, Member, Patron, and Benefactor.
Membership can be a one-time purchase, though many of us chose to renew annually to support the Society and expand the scope of programs and activities offered.
Each member (any level) receives an attractive personalized name badge. If you purchase a Patron or Benefactor membership, your badge will also indicate the level of your contribution to the Society, and your name will be prominently displayed on our website and any published materials. Of course, it’s also possible to donate anonymously; we will respect your privacy regardless.

Donation and Membership Form

After filling out the form, you will be redirected to PayPal to make payment. The donation or membership will not be processed until payment is received.